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carrer solutionAs per Indian Astrology, career life also has strong astrological impact. There are obviously arises several queries in your mind, How, When, Whether any Solution. Let us focus me in-depth how a career life is affected and resolved from astrological impact. If we see every Individual is in need of good job, and a better career life, but do they get good job as per their requirement. You know very well that the answer is “Negative”. Many Teenagers forfeits their teenage, without enjoying the best stage of life, because of the stress of studies for a better future and to acquire a good job. But what happens when they complete their studies and search for a job, they don’t get a job easily, but they have to compromise with the profile.
Now the question arises why it happens, when you very well qualified, even though you are not on the desired job? Very Simple, because it’s all due to the Astrological Impact on you and your career life, you believe or may not, but it is the fact.

We’ll highlight from the Astrological point of view why you don’t get a job or when you will get a good job or when you will get a good job. Method of functioning of the Planets as per Indian Astrology Good Job and success in working age, if the major period of a beneficial planet is beneficial for you during that period. Great effort and troubles to be faced in life, if dreadful planet period at the working age of 20-40 and results in unable to get good job. How to get the best result? And it is to lessen the resistance and troubles during dreadful period. To overcome the above troubles and struggles in life, as a astrological remedy is to lessen the dreadful results of the planets by wearing Gemstones, associated to your superior planet to reap its advantages. Planets and its houses rendering prospects for Good Career Guess on First House of the Horoscope and its supreme for a better job opportunity Less Struggle, more opportunities with less efforts, if the present period of first house supreme at working age. Good place of the lagan supreme in the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth or eleventh houses. Displacement of the lagan supreme in the above described houses, results in negative effects and to struggle for the best job. Sixth house is considered as the major complementary house for jobs and services in the horoscope, but sixth house is believed as unfavorable in horoscope, except jobs and services. Good Job and career can be achieved due to the presence period of supreme of sixth house. For the achievement of good job the Supreme of Tenth and Eleventh houses are further significant. Tenth house is beneficial for profession and eleventh house is beneficial for routine income flow. While at the presence of the Supreme of Tenth house at that period, Job in Public Sector, in simple language Government Job, can be easily availed, because the Tenth house is for Rulers. If job achieved during the period of the Supreme of Eleventh house, may avail good package, because, eleventh house is known for Routine flow of income.

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