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In Vedic Astrology Gemstones has a great impact. To release the troubles in life occurred due by planets, from ancient times Gemstones are used. Today, in this modern age, with the suggestion or advice of the Astrologer, anyone can wear to reap the benefits of the gemstones. But in Golden Days, Kings, Rulers and people from rich families by the suggestion of Astrologers wear gemstones to achieve the benefits.

To calm down the pervasiveness is growing speedily with the help of wearing gemstones. Those who are wearing the gemstones are benefited in all the activities if life than it may be education, illness, Business.

The benefits of gemstones are enjoyed by all those from Bollywood to Industrialist. According to vedic astrology the 9 planets represent for gemstones, which are beneficial.

List of Planets which Represents the Gemstones

  • Sun – Ruby
  • Moon – Pearl
  • Mars – Coral
  • Mercury – Emerald
  • Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire
  • Venus – Diamond
  • Saturn – Blue Sapphire
  • Rahu – Hassonite
  • Ketu – Cat’s Eye

But as far as it is concerned natural gemstones plays a vital role and is more beneficial. According to your horoscope or kundli it is very important to be aware about the gemstone which you will wear, whether it gives good result or bad results. It can gemstones can also harm rather than benefit, in the case of any conflict. Therefore prior to wearing the gemstone, it is very necessary to consult a good and experienced astrologer.

Now we’ll focus on all the 9 planets, which represent different gemstones:

Sun - Ruby – Manikya

Sun represents Ruby or Manikya, this gemstone is one of the costliest gemstone, especially worn for the benefits of Sun. Ruby or Manikya discharges Red Cosmic Rays and Infra Red Radiation, these rays and variations generates.

Personal & Social Benefits

Provides Elegance
ConfersHigh Reputation
Social Appreciation
Position and Prestige

Health Benefits

  • Freedom from sight troubles and eye disease
  • Fevers, bones, indigestion and headaches
  • Freedom from any serious irregularity or disease

Who should Opt Ruby or Manika Gemstone?

Professionals mentioned below can wear Ruby to avail its benefits:

  • Engineers
  • High Court Judges
  • Gem therapists
  • Legal Experts
  • Artists
  • Sculptors
  • Architects


In many multiplicity of shellfish Pearl is found, it is a white shining Gemstone. To maintain the chastity, females wear Pearl or Moti on Neck. The wearer of Pearl or Moti avails the benefits like development of self-assurance, mental faculties and encourage pleasant working environment.
Health Benefits of Pearl or Moti

  • Beneficial for Heart Disease
  • Significantly controls Blood and Mind
  • Reduces Tensions
  • Stomach Ailments

Mars-Coral or Moonga

Coral or Moonga is of bright Red color and comes in lighter gloominess also. Coral or Moonga is thick, and is useful for the emission of powerful emotions through incorporation of red emission from variety of visible lights, those male or female wish for the these emotional radiations, Coral is very effective and useful for them.

Health Benefits of Coral or Moonga

If Coral or Moonga is worn in gold it provides the following Health Benefits:

  • Helpful for Ailments related to Blood
  • Helpful in Tropical Fevers
  • Helpful in Impotency
  • Helpful in Chicken Pox
  • Helpful for Jaundice
  • Helpful in the Purification of Impure Blood
  • Heals Anemia
  • Pneumonia
  • General Weakness
  • Body Pain
  • Allergies
  • Cough and Cold
  • Bronchitis

Mercury-Emerald or Panna

Health Benefits of Emerald or Panna

Controls Nervous and Intestinal Portions
Beneficial for Liver
Beneficial for Vocal Cord and tongue
Beneficial for Tissues and lungs
Useful for Defects in recalling
Useful for Harshness in Voice
Helpful for women in delivery bed fearing obstacles
Useful in Hesitation

Who should Opt for Emerald or Panna

  • Dealers of Scientific Instruments
  • Businessman
  • Writers
  • Publishers
  • Printers

Jupiter-Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire or Pukhrak

  • Economic Affluence And Comforts
  • Especially for those from Business or Industry
  • Beneficial for Desirous of Children to be blessed
  • Interested in Dignified aspects of Life and in the aid, saintly inspiration, Yoga Meditation and religious sermonize.

Venus-Diamond or Heera

Benefits of Diamond or Heera

  • Financial Prosperity and Happiness
  • Wearer will be known for organized, disciplined and straight approach to the problems of life

It reveals perception and maturity in the connections, association and people would recline confidence in the wearer

Saturn-Blue Sapphire orNeelam

Rahu-Hessonite or Gomed

Benefits of Hessonite or Gomed

  • Eliminates  evil impact or Rahu
  • Beneficial for illnesseslike wind and acidity.
  • Enhancement of finance, health and happiness
  • Discouragesopponents from emerging plots
  • Helpful to win Court cases
  • Helpful from the legal professions such as advocates, legal practitioners, Judges etc
  • Beneficial for those concerned in spiritual progressions, especially during the RahuDasha.

Ketu-Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia

Benefits of Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia

  • dissipatesdifficultiesinterferences and destroys evil belongings of enchantresstechniques
  • Beneficial for Politicians who desire for higher places and power
  • Comforts matters considerably and protects from dishonors, misplace or status.

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