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commercial vastu shastra
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commercial vastu

The world is on the fast move, and the businesses alongwith  it are also developing speedily. From Village to Towns to cities to Metropolitan Cities, in all the sectors industrial and many other businesses are developing rapidly. Opening of Industrial, Corporate offices are opening regularly, just like a Fire in a Jungle. Many Businesses Invests Funds with new aspirations, aims and targets to achieve the topmost position in the business.

But the question is are all of them, are successful?

Do they grow with the forecasted peak level by the professionals? And many more..

For all these questions the answer is no. And you all are very much familiar about the happenings.

There is an only Remedy for all these queries and doubts "Commercial Vastu Shastra".

You may or may not believe that if any plots or houses or offices or any Industrial areas etc., are not constructed as per the Vastu Shastra, it is sure that those businesses are not successful, or may face many severe hindrances in the business.

Advantages of Commercial or Office Vastu

  • Uphold the Monetary Development
  • Deals with Staff
  • Assist to formulate the atmosphere peaceful and positive
  • Clears the hindrance approaching in the business

To obtain the above mentioned advantages of Commercial or Office Vastu, it is necessary that the Vastu of the Commercial plots or Offices are appropriately scrutinized and direction of business or office premises.

Tips for Commercial or Office Vastu

  • It is a belief that the office facing East is good and generous
  • Asymmetrical shape of the plot should be avoided
  • For office structure the best shape of the plot is square or rectangle
  • In the North-East of the office, the resources of Water, should be installed
  • While dealing or working with the clients, the employer of the business must face North.
  • In the Southern or Western portion, facing to North or East direction, it is advisable to sit the Top level and Managerial level Staff in the office.
  • For Executive level and other Staff, it is advisable in the Northern or Eastern sides
  • Below the beam employees should not sit
  • The North-East should be designed for Reception  
  • North-West or North-East should be made for Waiting Room  
  • Pictures illustrating War or evil should be avoided, instead beautiful pictures should be hung on walls
  • Colours  multiplying sadness or darkness should be avoided instead be pleasant and dazzling Colours should be applied
  • In the North-East direction, in the office, if there is a temple it should be constructed
  • In the office, the North-East area must be left vacant and to install water resource
  • West or North-Western direction Toilets should be constructed, and in South-East, North-East & East should be avoided.
  • In the South-East direction Pantry should be constructed.
  • South, South-West or West is the best direction for constructing Staircase
  • In the centre of the office stairs should be avoided

 Vastu for Businesses

Vastu certainly lays norms for every existing thing on this earth and business is no exception. To promote and make business sound Vastu  provides some basic rules and norms regarding layout, orientation and prospects of progressive business. Vastu  help in balancing the energy elements  of place with cosmic elements to bring inflow of positive energies leading to prosperous and wealthy business. To move business ahead from rag to riches and to increase wealth, it is essential to consider Vastu norms pertaining to business: 

  1. Shermukhi plots- broad from front and narrow at the back, are considered ideal for commercial  such as office or factory purpose.
  2. The main door or entrance  should always be in East or North direction.
  3. All electrical equipments must be positioned in South-east .
  4. Pantry, if any in business house should be located in South-east.
  5. Room of owner  must be in South-west  and person must sit facing North.
  6. Staff, if any in the business must be given room in North-west .
  7. Locker room  should be in South-west but locker must open facing North.
  8. Parking should be given in North-western side.
  9. Guard’s room must be in North-west and do not ever given room near South-west.
  10. Heavy weight or machinery  etc should be located in South-west direction .
  11. Proper direction for the production process in business is from South-west to North-east.
  12. Ensure that North-eastern part of business must be open and clean.

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