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religious vastu
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religious vastu shastra

From ancient times in India Religious Vastu was used for the peace and harmony of all the living being. The very main focus of Religious Vastu is the religious sacrament of Living House, which is called as “Vastu Shanti”. The law of Vastu Shastra in ancient time included for the design of Temples “Mandir”, designs and layouts of houses, roads, public areas, town, cities gardens etc.
With horoscope too Vastu Shastra is co-related. According to the position of Planet, Astrologers specifies the kind of house. By following and remaining as per the principles of Vastu Shastra, till a certain level we can also change our destiny. High results can be disclosed of Vastu Shastra by its appropriate executions. Like other Hindu Religious principles, the foundation of Vastu Shastra is on the five elements of Nature and Spiritual forces of Universe.

Accomplishments of Four Purusharth

  • Religion Faith-Dharma  
  • Prosperity-Arth
  • Craving-Kama
  • Salvation-Moksha

is the covert and is concerned as religious task while constructing the house.

Religious Faith-Dharma  

Religious faith or belief is very essential for experiencing the sacred and essence of happiness to the inmates of the house members.
Elimination of anguish concerned to Spiritual forces, emotional and physical can also be performed by merely Religious Faith and it is very necessary. In such house there is ultimate peace and harmony without any hatred, arguments and clashes in each other.


The houses constructed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, wealth and prosperity always mounts up for the dwellers of the house. If the house is creditable, there will is mount in the income and also the dwellers of house experiences magnificence happiness. On the other hand if the dweller of house becomes financially bankrupt, the house is regarded as valueless or useless.


Child is born in the house, along with enjoyment and affluence if the house is accomplished as per Vastu principles.  Legal issues, mental stress, disagreement between family members or relatives, the  negativeness from the house is eliminated, and live a respectful life by giving respect to each other.


Salvation or Moksha is leaded to the residents of the fortunate house-Vastu. A fortunate Vastu(House) lead to Moksha to the residents. Accurate and superior performance which in turn leads to majestic accomplishments is presented by a good family.

The science of constructing a house is Vastu Shastra.  Forever richness, healthy life with happiness is the major advantage of the house constructed according to the law of Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra and Architecture differs with each other but are correlated to each other.

As per the religious rituals and pujas, how to construct a house is the science which is termed as Vastu Shastra.

While the focus of an architect is not over the richness or happiness and healthy life of the house owner, instead he builds the house or building as per the requisite of the owner.
House is a piece of construction, which a human being creates and converts into home with love for not only residing with our family members, but also so share each other’s happiness and sorrow. However as per Hindu Shastra to maintain the peace, love, and harmony in the family in a new house, Griha Pravesh, Vastu Shanti is performed. This event is celebrated like a Festival by the family members, Puja is performed as per the rituals, all the relatives, friends and well-wishers are invited to participate on the vital event of new house before the entrance to it. This Puja is performed for the purification of the House.


  • Modification of Negative Pranic Energy
  • Circulation of positive energy and harmony with happiness
  • Substitutes with healthy Harmonious Positive Pranic Energy
  • Snags in life are resolved.
  • It is our religious faith and as per Religious Vastu
  • Replacement of bright life-giving healthy energy from ruined Pranic Energy
  • Improves personal relationships of residents 
  • Sense of tiredness is transformed
  • Vanish of dissonance in Family members and partners, friends etc. 
  • Confer harmony 
  • Matching Blessings of our inner space 
  • The deficiency of confidence, anxiety, and malfunction is replaced by self-assurance, grace, will-power, harmony and freedom from strife in lives.

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