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residential vastu
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residential vastu shastra

Home for Gods and human is house and is termed as Vastu. Wind Energy, Magnetic Energy, Cosmic Energy Light Energy, Solar Energy and Lunar Energy, all these energies appears from the environment and the principles of Vastu Shastras are based on all these Natural Energies. To develop peace, accomplishments and prosperity, all these energies can be balanced. The house members experience the joy and happiness in life in the house-Vastu is constructed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. The house may become a place for all kinds of issues, with worries and no peace and happiness if it is against the principles of Vastu.

As per Vastu Shastra the structure of a house outlines one of a vital thought. As per Residential Vastu all the facets of a house and is taken into consideration. When the turn comes of a Residential Vastu not even a individual facet in a house is disregarded, then it may be from the Master Bedroom, Children’s Room and Bathroom.

For example, now we’ll see

Which is the best direction for Master Bedroom?

Master Bedroom should always be constructed in the south west.

Which is the best direction for Other Rooms?

Suitable Direction for other Rooms can be in Southern and Central West, Central direction. 

What about Prayer/ Puja Room?

The suitable color for the walls in the Prayer Room is Yellow or Sandal Color.

Let us discover more on each individual in detail about Residential Vastu. 


From olden days, in our country, India, it is considered to live a tension free life with the help of holy Science of Vastu Shastra. To keep all the problems at bay, and to live in ideal harmony, for centuries peoples relied on Vastu Shastra.

 Prayer / Puja Room   

Prayer / Puja Room is the place where you meditate and worship, and achieve positive energies to connect to God, therefore it must be planned and constructed accordingly, as per the principles of Vastu Shastra.

Locker Room 

The prosperity and richness of the house is established in Locker Room which is one of a major significant room in the house. There are numerous thoughts and beliefs you need to make while shaping the places or location of the Locker Room.

Children / Kid’s Room

Vastu Shastra assures the entire environment supplies in the Development of your Child, mental and physical, if the Children / Kid’s Room is designed as per Vastu.


The utilization of the information of Vastu Shastra, an ancient architectural custom, in the creation of dwelling structures, grant affluence, illness-free survival and calm life all the time. 


The very important place in a house is kitchen where we cook our meals. Kitchen has the undeviating outcomes on our health, so it is suggested to plan the kitchen as per Vastu Shastra

Dining Room 

It is the thought of several peoples, that dining room is not necessary, but it is very important to have meals in dining room, instead in any other room in the house. Therefore, dining room plays a vital role in the house and should not be neglected to construct it.

Living Room 

The first impression of the people who lives in a house is furnished by the Living Room. To welcome the Guests Living Room is decorated with determination, and it is the center of the house.

Study Room 

For the reinforcement of the child’s absorption and endurance to sit for long without feeling, exhausted Vastu for study room is enormously significant. Due to fragile absorption some children commences the studies, but cannot persist for long time.

Colors for Home 

Encompassing explicit attitude on our destiny, colors plays a very imperative function in our lives. Colors of the walls and all the angles of our home profoundly control the occurrences around us and affect us negatively or positively, and it is all as per the preference of our color, which reflects our outlook and move towards our life.

Vastu for Doors & Windows 

For experiencing our living gratifying, doors and windows are the essential supplies of object of the house. Doors and windows acts as openings for energies into the house and it should be, avoided to consider as the openings for air in the house only.

Vastu for Staircase 

There are as also rules for the constructing Staircase like any other part of the house. At the time of the construction of stairs in the house, some basic rules of Vastu Shastra, must be followed.

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