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vastu shastra
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vastu What is Vastu Shastra
Vastu Shastra is a conventional Indian system of architecture, which literally interprets to "science of design." These area unit texts found on the Indian landmass that describe principles of style, layout, measurements, ground preparation, house arrangement and special pure mathematics. Vastu Shastras incorporate ancient Hindu and in some cases Buddhist beliefs. The styles area unit meant to integrate design with nature, the relative functions of assorted elements of the structure, and ancient beliefs utilizing geometric patterns (yantra), symmetry and directional alignments.

Description of Vastu
Vastu Shastra supported Ancient Science, Indian Vastu Shastra in keeping with The directions - The importance of orientation of a building isn't just for saving energy however additionally to own a far better healthy house style, that not solely offers snug living however additionally offers physiological condition, prosperity and wealth to the house owners/occupiers and these families. There lies a co-relation between the motionstate of affairs of the planets and therefore the house style and their totally different directions with respect of NORTH. The building of any sort and its construction meets the aim if correct orientation has been given victimisation appropriate native artefact. It will increase not solely its lifetime however additionally improves the condition of occupants. There ar instances wherever buildings aren't planned in keeping with needed native orientation were lost or deteriorated abundant quicker then the buildings having engineered with correct studies of orientation.

The proper orientation means that the correct data of all the eight directions. it's a standard data that the direction from wherever the Sun arises is understood as East (Poorva) and wherever it sets as West (Paschim) and once one faces the East direction, towards one's left is North (Uttara) and towards one's right is South (Dakshina). The corner wherever 2 directions meet clearly is additional important since it combines the forces emanating from each the directions. in keeping with Shastras if we tend to worship, revere and respect the Lords of those eight directions, they'll shower on U.S. their blessings and advantages. allow us to examine their importance in keeping with scriptures.

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